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25, 2022

Advantages of Regular Maintenance of Water Filters

Consumption of normal tap water has the disadvantage of containing dangerous chemicals and inorganic substances such as lead, which can induce high blood pressure and kidney problems if consumed in excess.


Mostly would prefer a way to filter these toxins out of our drinking water because of pollution in our environment and the deterioration of natural resources.


What exactly is the purpose of water filtration?

Water from your tap, despite having passed through a water treatment facility, may not be pure. It’s because water can easily pick up impurities after leaving a water treatment facility.


Installing a home water filtration system is an excellent method to ensure that you have a steady supply of clean, pure water in your house. Bacteria, chemicals, and heavy metals are all removed from the water when it is filtered.


Here we will discuss several types of advanced home water filtration systems for each home, let’s explore the top 3 technologies:


  1. Carbon activated:Among the numerous varieties of water filters, it is one of the most common and least expensive. Typically, the system is put beneath the sink. You can replace the cartridges of filter system whenever needed. Pollutants, parasites, and heavy metals, which are in the drinking water are known to be eliminated by activated carbon filtering systems.


  1. Water filtration systems that use cation exchange:Ion exchange filters or water softeners are other names for it. Positively charged ions are employed in this filter system to attract hazardous negatively charged ions like barium and calcium.


Barium is a toxic earth metal that can harm your internal organs if you are exposed to it for an extended period of time. Magnesium and calcium can corrode pipes and alter the water flavor.


  1. Reverse osmosis:It is a kind of process in which water is filtered using a membrane. This is the most effective home water filtration system available. Reverse osmosis uses air pressure to drive water through a semi-permeable membrane. This method effectively filters out almost all pollutants. The water filtering process is divided into five, six, or seven stages.



Let’s discuss the major benefits of regular maintenance of Water Filters:


  1. It has antibacterial properties: While living in a highly polluted world increases your chances of contracting terrible diseases like cholera, E. coli, and salmonella, the good news is that a RO water purifier can minimize your risk of infection by filtering out 99 percent of bacteria in the water you drink.


  1. Constant maintenance provides chlorine protection:Chlorine is increasingly being used in municipal water systems to make tap water safer for human consumption. Unfortunately, while chlorine kills some bacteria and parasites, it also poses some serious health hazards.


  1. As we know, using filtered water from an excellent home water filtration system is the safest and simplest approach.


  1. It increases a Water Filter’s Life Expectancy:The average lifespan of a water filter cartridge is 6 to 12 months. Filters become less effective in filtering out impurities and chemicals present in tap water when they become clogged or cartridges are not replaced on time, rendering them worthless.


Final Thoughts

If you don’t change your water filter, you risk drinking tap water that contains pollutants and chemicals including cryptosporidium, chlorine, giardia, dust, rust, and sediments. It can be extremely harmful to your family as well as your health. For professional assistance, you can contact us.