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25, 2022

Effects of High Water Pressure in the House

To most individuals, these minor plumbing issues don’t cause issue, they’re a simple remedy that only requires an easily available part and a few minutes of their time. Most of the time, if you have the necessary tools and a little know-how, you can simply complete them on your own.


They may not recognize, however, that various issues may be linked by a single cause; it is your water pressure. These are all indications that the water pressure in your home is too high.


Excessive water pressure is difficult to control and can lead to plumbing leaks, worn seals, and broken fixtures. It could potentially shorten the life of your water-connected appliances, such as your washing machine, ice maker, dishwasher, and other appliances.


Here are four obvious signals that you should call a plumber as soon as possible.


  1. Pipes Making Banging or Clanging Noises: When you turn off your faucet or flush your toilet, the sound of the water shutting off or the flush cycle ending should be as quiet as possible.


But what if your walls are welcomed with a pounding or clanging noise at the end of your usage? It is a clear indication that the pressure in your pipes is already quite high, and the shuddering is your pipes’ response to the pressure increases when the water is turned off.


It also means that you may have to deal with plumbing leaks in a short amount of time. After turning off the water, if you hear pounding or clanging from your plumbing, call a plumber straight once.


  1. Burst Hoses and Leaking Fixtures: Your home’s plumbing fixtures aren’t designed to sustain high water pressure. Burst pipes and hoses occur when a vigorous water flow pushes through the fittings.


It can also result in a pinhole leak, which will only surface after the damage to your walls or ceiling has been done. So, the water pressure of more than 80 psi causes water fixtures to break. Also, spitting or leaking faucets are the most common indicators, especially if they’re coming from the cold tap.


  1. A sudden increase in Water bills:Have you noticed that your water bills are steadily increasing for no apparent reason? This is a clue that you may have high water pressure as well. It could be because you’re wasting water without even recognizing it.


The additional liters of water that you may not even realize you’ve used! Some homes have water pressures as high as 80 or even 100 PSI, which means you’re already wasting gallons of water every minutes from the affected faucet! You could be wasting hundreds of dollars each year on the water without even knowing it!

  1. Appliances that are too loud:Is your washing machine making an unusual amount of noise? When it is filled up, does it create a lot of noise? These are all symptoms that you may have a high water pressure issue.


It is since when these appliances are pushed to compensate for increasing water pressure, the seals and mechanical components that make them operate will wear out faster. It can easily result in more strain with increased noise, resulting in a shorter appliance lifespan.



If you observe that your water pressure is significantly higher than typical, you can call reputable service providers. When the force is greater than 100 psi, it could indicate a problem with the water supply system. For professional assistance, you can contact us.